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4-52 Hour and 26-52 Week Classes
For Domestic Violence Classes, your best solution is here. Logan Social Services offers a stress-free way to meet court or probation requirements, all from the convenience of your own home. Licensed counselors have prepared courses that are fast, easy and stress-free! Simply study, take the test and receive your verifiable Letter of Completion.
Work at your own pace and on your schedule. Classes start at only $24.95, and you can pay when you finish.* Donít worry about hidden feesÖthere arenít any!
Speed Ė Quality - Affordability
  • Licensed and Affordable
  • Widely Accepted in the US and Canada
  • For Court, School or Work
  • Letter of Completion Awarded
  • Free Proof of Enrollment
  • Self-Paced with 24/7 Access
  • Affordable and User Friendly
  • Absolutely NO Hidden Fees
Courses by the hour
Animal Abuse Class (4 Hour)$24.95
Animal Abuse Class (8 Hour)$49.95
Stalking and Harassment Class (4 Hour)$29.95
Stalking and Harassment Class (8 Hour)$59.95
Domestic Violence Class Level 1 (4 Hour)$24.95
Domestic Violence Class Level 1 (8 Hour)$49.95
Domestic Violence Class Level 2 (16 Hour)$69.95
Domestic Violence Class Level 3 (24 Hour)$89.95
Domestic Violence Class Level 3 (26 Hour)$99.95
Domestic Violence Class Level 3 (36 Hour)$109.95
Domestic Violence Class Level 3 (52 Hour)$129.95
Batterer Intervention Program (4 Hour)$24.95
Batterer Intervention Program (8 Hour)$49.95
Batterer Intervention Program (16 Hour)$69.95
Batterer Intervention Program (24 Hour)$89.95
Batterer Intervention Program (26 Hour)$99.95
Batterer Intervention Program (36 Hour)$109.95
Batterer Intervention Program (52 Hour)$129.95
Courses by the week
Domestic Violence Class Level 1 (12 Week)$79.95
Domestic Violence Class Level 3 (24 Week)$99.95
Domestic Violence Class Level 3 (26 Week)$109.95
Domestic Violence Class Level 3 (36 Week)$119.95
Domestic Violence Class Level 3 (52 Week)$139.95
Batterer Intervention Program (12 Week)$79.95
Batterer Intervention Program (24 Week)$99.95
Batterer Intervention Program (26 Week)$109.95
Batterer Intervention Program (36 Week)$119.95
Batterer Intervention Program (52 Week)$139.95

Our Executive Director
William Smith, M.S. Psy., State Certified Social Counselor, began his career helping families and children in 1988 as a Case Manager for the Department of Children Services. In 1990, he started his own licensed adoption agency to reduce the financial burden placed upon adoptive parents, and to accept clients of all religious faiths. The same core principles are in place today at Logan Social Services. William has a deep appreciation and respect for our clients, and tailors his services to ease their burden through the entire process.
Domestic Violence Class Completion Verification Page

I realize now that I have a domestic violence problem. Itís something I have to deal with. Now I have tools that make sense to me and work for my family. The judge is giving me a second chance and Logan Social Services is helping me make the most of it. Thanks guys!

A. Tavares

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*Courses by the week require pre-payment. You can still make a free account and print your verifiable Letter of Enrollment.
We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.
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